A Warrior’s Cry

Once again the nation is awake to a new breed of patriotism War mongering and slogan shouting refracted concepts through the prism I signed up for this job not because of my religion But I see scattered pieces of India Because of the very same reason Yes I kill with a smile So that I … Continue reading A Warrior’s Cry


Bleeding Nation

Another attack... Brave hearts lost! Country in mourning... tempers flying high! Condemnations... politicians, actors etc. Backstabbing neighbor... Terror launchpads... Terror funding by Pakistan! Revenge... Strike back! These are the current sentiments of the nation and every soul is burning with rage and anger. This has been the case for quite a while now and I … Continue reading Bleeding Nation

The Little Guy

Shining bright eyes Long striking strokes Swaying but unwavering The little guy zips past Every morning in his dreams He struggles to get up The love for adventure And the urge to be fast doesn't leave him at all Some sweat on his brows A little pain where he fell Up on his feet Again, … Continue reading The Little Guy

Lady In Black

She was wearing black Long flowing hair Lips pursed As if wants to say a lot But holding it all back Rebellious in stare Mushy in that glare Playing with her tresses Not worried an iota About any of the flak Eyelashes as fluid as the air Crazy smirks enthrall her soul Motivate her no … Continue reading Lady In Black

Anarchy of Choice

In the midst of this restlessness Apprehensions on faces around There is an unknown race to win everyday Countless fears in my crown Battlefields get drawn so fast Strategies are born of every kind Unknown of the existence today Plans of future occupy the mind So much to learn and grasp Every inch is already … Continue reading Anarchy of Choice

Redolent Memories

Sitting alone with some old memories I realized, life is a book Every page An amalgamation of characters every fold a nook Footsteps some near some far but the sound resonates Ink of every color on the canvas like a beautiful mermaid Some stories we leave behind and some we cherish Like the smoke from … Continue reading Redolent Memories

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

First award nomination of the year and the irony presents itself in its funniest form. Everything seems shrouded in mystery at present in life πŸ˜› . To begin with, this award represents the creator'sΒ (Okoto Enigma) desire to unearth the beautiful, talented and mysterious bloggers in this sphere of words and ink and catalyze the link … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

My Truth

Life is never unforgiving, nor the time is sadist, the only discomfort is putting in those efforts at a time when the pace is comfortable while trudging the known territory. Phase after phase we keep working hard and strive to be better at things we actually do not like. Calling it destiny and accepting the … Continue reading My Truth

Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

Dedicated to every soldier, old and young, martyred and serving, for we breath because they bleed. It's my land, it's my fight Every drop of blood, every sight I am the hell I am the devils' plight Standing tall to every order Every pulse in my fist I unleash hell when I move I am … Continue reading Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

Happy Birthday Maa

It's my Mother's birthday and I want to write a special post for her to let her know how much I love, respect and care for her, but I am totally blank, at loss of words. Emotions are overpowering and the mind is brimming with thoughts but there is hardly anything worth writing coming to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Maa