The Year Of Renaissance

The Year Of Renaissance

Every year is welcomed with a bang and numerous hopes for happiness and prosperity. 2020 was no different and it even began on an exciting note for us. Being travel crazy and partners in crime, I and my wife began with a long, laidback, and enthralling trip to Rajasthan in January. Celebrated 6 years of … Continue reading The Year Of Renaissance

Ripples And Reflections

Ripples And Reflections

"Ripples and reflections" - Few are lucky enough to get the opportunity to relive and reminisce the past as vividly as the present. It all seems so clear and recent, so many firsts in life that not only added to the charm but altered the course of lives. I still remember my apprehensive self, evaluating … Continue reading Ripples And Reflections

India As A Dream

भारत एक ख्व़ाब है

कहते सुना था हमने उन्हें भारत एक ख्व़ाब है, ना धर्म इसका कोई ना ही कोई जात है। इस ख्व़ाब को जो देख ले, मन भी उसका साफ है। तेरे मेरे से कहीं परे यह सबका पहला जज्बात है। ख्वाब की तरह पूरा करने की एक चाह लिये, जो मानता इसको वतन ना हिन्दू ना … Continue reading भारत एक ख्व़ाब है

Thailand Visa On Arrival – Step By Step Guide For An Indian

The land of smiles attracts millions of visitors each year and the count seems to be ever-increasing. Tourism serves as the main source of income for this nation. To boost tourism even further, Thai government came up with an indigenous idea of Visa on Arrival given it's cordial relations with the rest of the world. … Continue reading Thailand Visa On Arrival – Step By Step Guide For An Indian

A father's bond with his son.

गुज़रते एहसास

थामे हुए हाथथा चलना सिखाया,लम्बी रातों को सीने से लगाया। डग-मग से चलतेकदमों को सहलाया,कंधों पे जो अपनेथा अक्सर बिठाया। दूर कभी पासआँखों में बसाया,नन्ही सी इन उँगलियों सेहर साल केक भी कटवाया। जीवन के उतार-चढ़ावऔर बचकाने मेरे सवाल,कभी हँस कर तो कभीगीतों में समझाया। पत्थर दिल सा बनकरज़माने से लड़ना,अपनी बातों की गहराईऔर फिर … Continue reading गुज़रते एहसास

One Magical Journey – Blog Anniversary

The Experimental Blogger It all started last summer as an experiment and little did we expect to be where we are today. The idea of starting a blog was introduced by my wife on a lazy summer afternoon. One idea and how it can contribute to your happiness! Although alluring, the idea gave me goosebumps … Continue reading One Magical Journey – Blog Anniversary

Wellness Among IT Professionals

Wellness Among IT Professionals – The Ignored Territory

In this fast paced world and chaotic life there is no denying the fact how dependent we have made ourselves on technology. All the more, worrying is the fact that countless people are engaged in feeding the technological monster day in and out. Somewhere in between what got ignored is our overall wellness. What Is … Continue reading Wellness Among IT Professionals – The Ignored Territory